How did the Cynics of Greece and Rome eat

How did the Cynics of Greece and Rome eat

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How did the Ancient Cynics like Diogenes eat during their time? I know they only believed in eating natural foods but don't know how they procured it. If they didn't believe in wealth, they could not have bought it.

Did they beg for it? Did they steal it? Did they keep small gardens or forage? Did they work for it?

The earliest Cynics like Diogenes were mendicants; though Diogenes Laertius also mentions foraging as a means of nourishment. I'm not sure it's possible to conflate the Cynics of Greece and Rome however as the practice and ethics changed considerably over the centuries; with Zeno of Citium's Stoicism developing out of the base ideas of Cynicism and becoming influential in Roman times.


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