Religions & Histoire, n ° 53 and HS n ° 10

Religions & Histoire, n ° 53 and HS n ° 10

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For the end of the year, the magazine Religions & History publishes two issues. The first (R & H n ° 53) is devoted to a controversial figure of the Christian religion, Marie-Madeleine. The second (R & H, HS n ° 10) is interested in the fascinating subject and object of so many fantasies: Vodou. Once again with Religions & History, a wide, varied and fascinating panorama of the relationship between history and beliefs.

Marie-Madeleine, from religion to art

For its number 53, Religions & History has therefore chosen to make a dossier on Mary Magdalene, “one of the most famous characters of the New Testament”. The first article, signed Dominique de Courcelles, presents a Marie-Madeleine finally rather unknown, between that of the Gospels and the posterior image which it acquires, in particular in the Middle Ages. An example illustrated by an extract from the preface of a conference devoted to Marie-Madeleine, signed Georges Duby. It is always Dominique de Courcelles who shows "the Provençal and Dominican invention of the cult of Mary Magdalene", then Anaïs Frantz offers an analysis of the biblical character through her artistic representations. The dossier ends with literary texts inspired by Marie-Madeleine, but above all with a remarkable article by Sébastien Galland: “Love for the impossible. René Char and Madeleine in the night light ”.
Even more than usual, the magazine offers here a remarkable iconography.

We also recommend, in the same issue, the very beautiful photo essay, “The colors of Holi”, as well as the article by Carine Basquin-Matthey on “Hilarion, a pivotal figure in Latin hagiography”.

Vodou, from Africa to America

Here is a fascinating special issue on Vodou (and not Voodoo, term "dated and exclusively French"), an original subject but little known, and often reduced to fantasies and preconceived ideas, as shown in the introduction by Jean-Paul Colleyn .
The issue is divided into five main parts. The first is logically devoted to Africa, “the African cradle of voodoo”. The second takes us to Haiti, where the question of Vodou as an “identity and national marker” arises. Then comes Louisiana, with in particular an article on Marie Laveau, “high priestess of Louisiana voodoo”. Voodoo also inspired art, as shown in the penultimate part. Finally, the dossier concludes with an analysis of the various “sister religions” of Vodou, such as “Brazilian candomblé” or “Cuban santeria”.
An affordable and remarkably illustrated issue, which makes you want to know a lot more about Vodou ...

Religions & History, Marie-Madeleine, de la religion à l'art, n ° 53, November-December 2013.

Religions & History, Vodou. From Africa to America, HS No. 10.

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