The Néron affair: autopsy of a myth (France 5)

The Néron affair: autopsy of a myth (France 5)

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In recent years, historians have tried to rehabilitate the famous emperor Nero, or more precisely to put an end to the myth which surrounded his reign and which was deliberately blackened by legend as by his biographers. A documentary by Large Format Science broadcast on April 3 on France 5 intends to make theautopsy of the Nero myth.

Emperor Nero has gone down in history as a cruel and mad tyrant. An unscrupulous dictator, great arsonist of Rome, persecutor of Christians and murderer. But what is the part of truth in this portrait? Those who described him, were they not in their interest to blacken the character? Forensic scientist and anthropologist, Philippe Charlier attacks the myth of the Emperor and confronts historical sources with modern methods of investigation. Will the accusations the Emperor has faced through the ages stand up to his methodological analysis? His discoveries will show us the character in a whole new light.

The Nero case, autopsy of a myth, Tuesday at 8:50 p.m., on France 5.

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