1940, the gold of France disappeared

1940, the gold of France disappeared

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June 15, 1940, the armies of the Third Reich entered Paris 24 hours ago. Yet when they enter the world's largest vault, thirty meters underground, it is empty. How did France manage to preserve its 2,500 tons of gold for four years in the face and beard of the Nazis, Vichy, Americans and British?

This documentary retraces the incredible odyssey of the gold of France, an 8000km journey by air, land and sea which takes viewers to the West Indies and Africa. It also paints a portrait of courageous individuals who competed in ingenuity to save the national treasure.

After the war, at the end of this incredible epic, only a few kilos of gold will be missing. This hard-won treasure will be used for the reconstruction of France in the immediate post-war period pending the Marshall Plan ...

The box of the century: 1940, the gold of France disappeared. Domanche March 15 at 10 p.m. on France 5.

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