The epic of ancient Greece (France 5)

The epic of ancient Greece (France 5)

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As part of the Science Grand Format program, France 5 will offer on December 5 a documentary co-produced with National Geographic: The Epic of Ancient Greece.

In 438 before our era, the construction of the Parthenon was completed, a building which dominates the city of Athens, symbolizing the supremacy of this city-state. Ancient Greece is living its golden age. The citizens of Athens seek to outdo themselves in all areas. This quest will lead them to invent theater and philosophy, to revolutionize art and architecture and to lay the foundations of modern science. This extraordinary civilization could only be forged at the end of long centuries of struggles and conflicts in the peninsula. This film traces the history of ancient Greece, reveals its secrets and allows us to better understand its influence on our modern societies.

The epic of ancient Greece. Science Grand Format, Tuesday December 5 at 8:50 pm on France 5.

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