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Oldest Living U.S. Veteran, Richard Overton, Dies at 112

For his first 107 years, Richard Overton lived in relative anonymity. ...read more

After the War: A Soldier’s Struggle to Come Home

War is ugly, but it’s not the worst part of military service. I like to explain war as the “easy” part. The “hard” part is getting out. Transition is by far the biggest battle. In war your only worry is death, you don’t have to worry about bills and food and all the other small ...read more

The Civil War Doctor Who Proved Phantom Limb Pain Was Real

In July of 1866, a short story called “The Case of George Dedlow” appeared in the Atlantic Monthly. It’s remembered today as a vivid early description of “phantom limb” pain: Dedlow, the narrator, has lost both arms and both legs in the Civil War, yet he experiences clenching and ...read more

Why German Soldiers Don’t Have to Obey Orders

Consider, if you will, a fraught military standoff. A soldier from the German army receives an order from a superior to fire his gun, but he puts it down and walks away. In the United States, he would have just committed the unforgivable and illegal act of insubordination, even ...read more

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